Sunday, December 8, 2013

Final Project

Why six over six? six over six symbolizes the perfection of the eye. It means that if a person see by six meters his perfect will be perfect. In the United States they call it twenty over twenty because twenty feet. I chose six over six because it means perfection of the eye and that what I need in my company. I chose this type of company because my father work in this field and I know a lot about lenses and eyeglasses. I chose blue to be my color because blue is a attractive color for the eye and in real world lenses and eyes always represented by blue.

I think the project was not very hard, I did not take time in the letterhead or business card. The most difficult part was the brochure and to know how to organize it well in order to be fold correctly. I spent several hours trying to make it fold correctly and I kept trying that was the most annoying part in the brochure. All the information I wrote in this project I made it up and I made the company as if its 60 years ago. I think it was a very useful project because it showed my how badly I want to accomplish this project in the real world. The images I used in the project were mostly from trusted sources for graphics except the FAQ's and Contact us they are from google. There are a lot of companies uses those images so there is no problem with copyright or anything because they are basic images that everyone can use.